− Novice (Cat 3) & Beginners – Short Course – 6.5 miles
− Sport (Cat 2) /Singlespeed/Elite/Expert (Cat 1) Clydesdale 26 miles

Long Course for 2018
Spring Thaw 2018 is Going back to it’s roots! The race will start just up from reservoir and head around the 2060 Loop Road counter clock wise.
It will head up 2060 to Horn Gap. It will take the Horn Gap Trail back up to 2060. Then continue on 2060 to 4 corners where it will turn down and catch Catwalk down to Toothpick. Taking a left on Toothpick and heading over to Caterpillar. This is where it connects with the new hotness starting with Lizard and down the new Jabberwocky finishing back in the park where it started.

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Description of Short Course:
Start on Glenview Dr. and climb the Loop Road 2060 and Lower Caterpillar and then descend down Upper Caterpillar to Lizard and down the new Jabberwocky back to the Finish at the same location as the Start of the race.

2 Gravity Ride Courses

This year there will be 2 gravity rides. The first will start at 4 Corners and end at the bench on Tooth Pick. The second will again start at 4 Corners and go all the way down to the reservoir in Lithia park. It will head down to Tooth Pick, then connect with Jabberwocky heading all the way back down into the park.