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We’re starting our shuttles on Saturday at 2:00 PM from the Ashland skatepark to Bull Gap. We are not doing the inner road shuttles this year because there is so few DHillers. The Super D folks will love the longer shuttle. Book your shuttles online with AMA!

Everyone will have a start time.  If you are a Junior or Beginner racer, you need to be on those first shuttles. We can take 40 people at a time and it is then a 1 hour 15 min turn around. One shuttle per racer.

No private vehicles allowed at 4 Corners this year. You must take the shuttle or pedal up.

Sunday Super D Shuttles!!!! Take NOTE:  9:00 AM Shuttle(s) leaves from Reservoir to take Super D racers up to Four Corners.

10:30 – 10:40 AM (SUNDAY) Lambsaddle shuttles those Downhill racers who finished and waited at Lambsaddle, which is very close to where the first short course DH race ends.

Spectators: As Catwalk will be hard to access…we advice spectating to be on Lizard and Jabberwocky. They are an easy hike from the venue or White Rabbit parking area.

Parents of Junior racers: We can squeeze you in the shuttle without a bike and you can ride down in one of the later vans or hike down.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of all the changes this year.

-Ashland Mountain Adventures and Spring Thaw Crew