Shuttle Info

May 17-19,
Tuesday  Wednesday and Thursday Eve.  5:45pm from Ashland Skate Park and 6:00pm from Ashland Mt. Adventures…to Mt. Ashland.

May20 th…
Friday 10am,  12,  2:00 and 4:00…. The 10 and 2 are from Ashland Mt. Adventures. The 12 and 4 are from the Ashland Skate Park.

All these shuttles can be reserved online at click on the “Book It” tab. May 21st…

Saturday May 21st there will be practice downhill shuttles running  after the last XC racer finishes on the inner road starting at approximately 1:30pm till about 5:00pm.

Meeting at the intersections of Caterpillar/Toothpick.

Shuttle will be $5.00 per shuttle to 4 corners or 5 shuttle rides for $20.00.  These shuttles are, just first come first serve and Cash Only to the drivers.

Sunday May 22nd – Race shuttle will be complimentary

There will be no shuttles for DH practice on Sunday.  Race only shuttles will begin at 8:15 from the quarry near the venue. One shuttle per racer to 4 corners. You must have your race plate on your bike . Last shuttle will be at 11:00 AM. There will be no other shuttles that day. These shuttles are also first come first serve but the earliest start times will be the first to go up! Be early! Don’t wait till the last minute! It takes about 45 minutes to get to 4 corners!