Additional Details

Riders are required to follow all OBRA racing rules.   Click here for full list of OBRA rules. (pdf)

Mountain Bike Trail Rules
All riders are expected to follow the industry-supported MTB code:
1. I will yield the right of way to other non-motorized recreationists.
2. I will use caution when overtaking another and will make my presence known well in advance.
3. I will maintain control of my speed at all times.
4. I will stay on designated trails.
5. I will not disturb wildlife or livestock.
6. I will not litter.
7. I will respect public and private property.
8. I will be self-sufficient.
9. I will not travel solo when bike-packing remote areas.
10. I will observe the practice of minimum impact bicycling.
11. I will always wear a helmet whenever I ride.
11. I will not wear headphones while I ride in a race.


Registration will begin at 7am and continue till 20 minutes before race start.
There will also be registration for Downhill race starting back after XC start till about 2pm.
XC Race starts at 9:10am for the short course from the Top of Lithia Park, near the swimming reservoir followed by long course XC race for All Elite/Expert(Cat 1)/Singlespeed at 9:15am. Then followed by
XC long course race start for All Sport(Cat 2) at 9:20am.

CROSS COUNTRY PRIZES                                                                                          
Cash purse awarded to the top three fastest men ($75 first, $50 second, $25 third) and top three fastest women ($75 first, $50
second, $25 third).

Awards for top three in all other classes. Categories as follows

Elite Men
Expert (Cat 1) Men 19-44
Expert (Cat 1) Men 45+
Elite Women
Expert Women (Cat 1)
Singlespeed  Men
Singlespeed  Women
Sport (Cat 2) Men 19-39
Sport (Cat 2) Men 40-49
Sport (Cat 2) Men 50-59
Sport (Cat 2 ) Men 60+
Clydesdale 200+ Men
Athena 150+ Women
Fat Bike (Non Gender) on the Sport course
Sport (Cat 2) Women 19-39
Sport (Cat 2) Women 40-49
Sport (Cat 2) Women 50+ **
All of the Sport (cat 2) categories will race on the middle distance or longest with events with only 2 distances
Novice (Cat 3) Men 19-39*
Novice (Cat 3) Men 40+*
Novice (Cat 3) Women 19-39*
Novice (Cat 3 Women 40+)*
Expert Junior Men
Junior Men 10-13
Junior Men 14-18
Expert Junior Women
Junior Women 10-13
Junior Women 14-18

Registration is open from 6:30am to 8:30am – Top of Lithia Park, near the swimming reservoir.
First rider goes off at 10:00am sharp (1 minute intervals). Using this order
1) All Juniors boys and girls (boys first)
2) All Women in order beginner, sport, expert and pro
3)All beginner men starting with oldest
4) All sport men starting with oldest
5)All expert men starting with oldest
6)All pro men

So make sure your at the starting area before your wave goes off.

Stage 1 – Catwalk & Stage 2 – BTI
The Downhill begins at Four Corners high in the Ashland Watershed. Stage 1 takes place entirely on Catwalk Trail – 1.7 miles of adrenalin rush, finishing at the bottom where it intersects with Toothpick Trail. After finishing the first stage, racers will roll down the hill to the second Start Line at the top of BTI Trail.  Stage 2 takes place entirely on BTI Trail – 1.2 miles of small jumps and big berms to the finish line!


Stage 1 (Catwalk Trail) – 1.7 miles

Stage 2 (BTI Trail) – 1.2 miles


Cash purse awarded to the top three fastest men ($75 first, $50 second, $25 third) and top three fastest women ($75 first, $50
second, $25 third).

Awards for top three in all other classes. Categories as Follows.

Junior Expert
Sport Boys U18
Beginner Men
Beginner Women
Sport Women
Expert Men 18-29
Expert Men 30-39
Expert Men 40-49
Expert Men 50
Expert Women
Pro Men
Pro Women
Sport Men 18-29
Sport Men 30-39
Sport Men 40-49
Sport Men 50


Please plan accordingly!!
If you drive your own vehicle to 4 Corners, then race, shuttle service WILL NOT be
available after the race to take you to your vehicle. Please make your own arraignments.

Please see shuttle flier for more information

There will be no restarts for any reason.

Your start time will be started when your told to go. Please be sure someone at the finish line records your start time, before leaving the area.

After finishing Stage 1, racers will continue down Toothpick Trail to Loop Road 2060. Head down the hill to BTI Trail, where Stage 2 will begin.

Stage 2 will finish by the reservoir in upper Lithia Park.

All awards, food, activities will be held  near the Stage 2 Finish Line.

Four Corners is located on the Ashland Loop Road and is accessible via Tolman Creek Rd. Take Siskiyou Blvd (Ashland’s main drag) south to Tolman
Creek Rd. turn west on Tolman and continue up the hill. After 2 miles the road turns to dirt. Continue for 5 more miles to fork in the road. Keep right and
follow 1 mile to starting area. NOTE – This road in not recommended for RV’s, there are deep potholes. Please allow at least 35 minutes driving time
from anywhere in Ashland to get to the start area.