All Mountain Challenge

*New this year; No need to weigh your bike!  You can also use different bikes in the XC and DH sections*

Be the queen or king of the mountain by combining your times from the cross country race on Saturday and the downhill on Sunday.    Please be aware if your getting a one day OBRA then you will need to get 2 one day licenses to be in the All Mountain Challenge.

Points for All Mountain figured from overall standings. 0 points given if  past 20th place.

Place Points
1st 185
2nd 145
3rd 120
4th 110
5th 100
6th 90
7th 80
8th 70
9th 60
10th 50
11th 40
12th 30
13th 24
14th 20
15th 16
16th 12
17th 10
18th 8
19th 6
20th 4

For scoring the all mountain points will be given to the top 20 places for the cross county race and the  downhill. Then added up to get a points total.